Thursday, December 13, 2007

An International Dick

Dear Roommate (or wombmate since you can't say R's)

Please stop being a thief. Now that you have left with a new bike, jersey, 2x pants, rugby socks, washing basket, iPod, tennis raquet, untold numbers of Mitch's T shirts, nike shoes and possibly a guitar tuner, please stop stealing stuff!

When you pulled a bit off your car and threw it away and then the door didn't stay closed we thought you were just random. When mitch asked for his shirt back after you said you'd give it back, and then you said you lost it, we thought it was funny enough to let it slide. But then you took so much other stuff when you went back to your home country, we have decided you are not a good friend!

September and November payments to the flat bank account were pretty much optional so thats okay that you missed them. And because you don't pay towards the upkeep of the flat you aren't allowed to do any cleaning. Dont you dare do any! You already cleaned the toilet once back in June, that is more than enough, Bucko!

The landlord and a representative from the city council both want money from you as well.

Good luck with being a policeman in your home country.


Anonymous said...

its 'loommate'

Anonymous said...

lol wow, that's pretty fucked up. International students are usually nice people or one would think! And I'm glad you didn't bash the fact that he is a foreigner too much. I was afraid this post was just going to be amazingly racist just from the title :P

Anonymous said...

It's kind of a weird blog because it almost doesn't sound angry at all.

Anonymous said...

maybe coz its ironinc u idiot

Anonymous said...

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