Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Wadded Up Dick

Dear Roomate,

Thank you for leaving all your f*cking garbage all over your room and bailing on the rent for this month. I truly appreciate it. I also appreciate the fact that you decided you're not going to be paying rent for the next few months (ok then get the hell out!) and went to another effing city before saying you won't be coming back for your crap, leaving your crap laying around, and of course, leaving the fantastic bottle of lotion and balled up kleenex (circled) for me to clean up. F*cking sick. Who the hell does that? Seriously! walking into your room was like walking into a pile of stale sweaty laundry. open a damn window if you're going to stay locked in your room playing WoW all day, and take a freaking shower. My god.

your (former) roommate

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