Thursday, January 10, 2008

More High Pitched than High!

Dear Roommate, 

Not sure if this makes you a dick or just a straight up retard, but THIS IS NOT THE SAME THING AS NITROUS!! When you said you could "hook it up" and you only needed $10 bucks from me, I shoulda known. Judging by this incident its probably best you screwed this one up, you need all the brain cells you can hold onto. 


Sami Spasmolytic. said...

What an idiot!

You can buy the nitrous chargers for real cheap at fancy kitchen supply stores. like $12 for a box of 20 or something? that's not awful.

Or a head shop. they'll sell it no questions asked! kitchen stores tend to question stoner looking kids. xDD

Ah, hippie crack. <3

Anonymous said...

lmao fuckin retard.

Anonymous said...

at least now you can throw that birthday party you always wanted as a child

Anonymous said...

better hold onto that. we are losing our supply of helium. seriously, look it up.

you could sell that to a clown in a couple of years a make bank.

Anonymous said...

Ummm, does he realise that helium can be lethal??

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