Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Dick Cave

Dear Dick Roommate,

You are the roommate from hell!

Initially I chose to overlook the disgusting state of your room, the bongs and booze mess everywhere, the complete disregard to the house, the abuse, the back stabbing, the messyness because I too am a bit messy, I too have little quirks that need ironing out but over the months I ironed them out, you did not and in fact became WORSE!! I overlooked most things because I couldnt afford to pay the rent on my own but now you have caused me to hate coming home, to be afraid to come home or even to go to bed at night. YOU ARE EVIL AND PURE POISON! You bring drugs into your house, drink copius amounts of alcohol and vomit everywhere. You will refuse to pay bills but expect the place to be immaculately clean. You happily sleep with married women and brings them home without any cause for concern in regards to what the respective husbands may do. You use your things and then treat them like crap, you're abusive, attempt to break things, threaten me, and continue to partake in ilegal activities.

Worse than anything, you drag my boyfriend out to your "man cave" and buy his friendship by giving him weed and booze and then to add insult to injury you sit there bagging me to him to try and convince him to dump me! All i have is one thing to say to you, I work in a prison bitch so don't mess with me!


Anonymous said...

Oh god this sounds exactly like my roommate, atleast the first half!

John said...

Split chores with http://upsees.com. My roommates and I have been using it for about a year and it keeps the peace really well.

merchant accounts said...

Funny. I dont like to have a room mate like that.

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